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[Code][Release]Easy Mw2 GSC Gun Selector  Empty [Code][Release]Easy Mw2 GSC Gun Selector

Post by blackhawk2299 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:03 pm

Hello Members of the PCP website, today im releasing my "Easy Gun Selector" that i had in my Immense Galaxy v1 patch.

First of all, you need to put these codes somewhere.


//code to give weapon and tell the weapon code
   self giveWeapon(p);
   self BH("Recieved Weapon: "+p);

//Randomises iprintln text color
BH(t){ self iprintln("^"+Randomint(7)+t); }

Secondly you need to understand how to work basic menu structures.
Master Ro's bases are very simple with this code as the way he has it all set up is easy and typically looked like this


self AddMenuOption( "Menu Name", "Menu Option Name", ::Function, "Parent" );
so if your using his bases, you do it like this:


self addUserMenuAction( "Menu Name", "Gun Name", ::GiveNWeap, "Weapon Code" );

The DConnor base has its menu set up like this


menu.name[2]="Menu Name";
If you want to use my Easy Gun Selector you do it like this


menu.name[2]="Gun Name";
menu.input[2]=Fun Code;

it works the same way with every menu no matter what just thread ::GiveNWeap and set the parent as the gun code.
Now for the gun codes themselves. These were found by CraigChrist8239. The matching of weapon codes to weapon names was done by Me(blackhawk2299), Taylor(xYARDSALEx), and Matt(iTrexk).


M4A1 m4_mp
Famas famas_mp
Scar-H scar_mp
Tar-21 tavor_mp
Fal fal_mp
M16A4 m16_mp
ACR masada_mp
F2000 fn2000_mp
Ak-47 ak47_mp

MP5K mp5k_mp
UMP45 ump45_mp
vector kriss_mp
P90 p90_mp
Mini-Uzi uzi_mp
Peacekeeper (PC ONLY) m16_shotgun_xmags_mp
L86 LSW sa80_mp
RPD rpd_mp
MG4 mg4_mp
Aug Hbar aug_mp
M240 m240_mp
Intervention cheytac_mp
Barrett .50 Cal barrett_mp
WA2000 wa2000_mp
M21 EBR m21_mp
PP2000 pp2000_mp
G18 glock_mp
M93 Raffica beretta393_mp
TMP tmp_mp
Spas-12 spas12_mp
AA-12 aa12_mp
Striker striker_mp
Ranger ranger_mp
M1014 m1014_mp
Model 1887 model1887_mp
Usp .45 usp_mp
.44 Magnum coltanaconda_mp
M9 beretta_mp
Desert Eagle deserteagle_mp
Gold Desert Eagle deserteaglegold

AT4-HS at4_mp
THUMPER m79_mp
STINGER stinger_mp
JAVELIN javelin_mp
RPG-7 rpg_mp

so to make this work, you would do


self addUserMenuAction( "ARSM", "Tar-21", ::GiveNWeap, "tavor_mp" );



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